Hive wizards, are volunteer staff that help keep this ship moving. The task varies depending on the rank of the wizard. generally speaking wizards maintain and run events throughout the network. wizards are responsible for creating the Tournaments, Ladders, Leagues and KoTH events.
There are three kinds of wizards.

Higer the star more powerful the wizard. "Recruits" are presented with one star after their application has been accepted and has been interviewed by a higher ranking Wizard or by Network Admin.
"we are currently recruiting for all level class wizards" Click Here

Hive Sages,
Are here to assist you with our service when it becomes available. They are members, just like you, who can help you navigate around, troubleshoot your system, and answer questions you may have about our client. As always you can reach a Sage by paging "Sage" in the pager.