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Be apart of the development.. Help make history with us

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"The Hive" is 100% owned and developed by The Hive Network using a .Net framework.
"In Development" For the past 4 years (THN) "The Hive Network" Has been developing it's own Mplayer like social & gaming client. In remembrance of the old Mplayer. Code Name "The Hive" will set its own path and destiny for the 21st-century bringing not only familiarity but also innovative design and much more. While we've had a few bumps along the road. We've all stayed very committed to this project....
Our biggest Achilles' heel is "lack of free time" and "manpower" but besides that our team remains strong. The Hive has gone through two major coding overhauls which has also delayed closed alpha testing. However it was necessary for the features that we wanted to introduce. We also wanted to have certain features working when we rolled out our Alpha build.

At its core, "The Hive" has the familiarity of the old Mplayer. But don't let that fool you as our client is packed with new features and abilities.
that will make its own path in history.

"read previous inquiries about The Hive client here" - Last public update Posted on 08-12-2010 - Three years and two months ago. "a lot can change in that amount of time"

"looking to start a portfolio for yourself?" is looking for talented and motivated people to join our team! We have openings for the following positions:

(.Net c# developer - Skill Level - Mid to High-Level +
(Flash developer) - Skill Level - Mid-Level +
(Media developer) - Skill Level - Mid-Level +
(Graphic artists) (Photoshop) - Banners/Images/Art etc.. Mid-Level +
(Wizards) - Age requirement is 18+ Individuals will need good social skills and very goal oriented. Comfortable with running events with or without other staff members.
(Sages) We are looking for people with tech knowledge that likes to help and work with people. and will assist new users with the ins and outs of our software client "The Hive" when it becomes publicly available.
This is a company project however not company funded and done on spare time. however we do have all the resources of the company available for this project. At this time we are looking for volunteers that are looking to build a resume and gain experience.
Until it becomes more than that.

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