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Hive Alpha - Updates

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Our goal is to provide continuous updates on our progress with our gaming client through this developer's blog. L3gacy and I have been working diligently on upgrading our existing foundation with new features and better performance. Our target lately has been the lobby and room system inside of our client. With our pager system upgraded and being tested we are applying what we have learned elsewhere.

The user base we plan to support is rather ambitious for such a small development team. Our new lobby and room system is being upgraded with improved networking code in order to provide better security and performance. Most of this has already been finished, but with our new system comes new bugs. A lot of development work can be a double edged sword as sometimes you can really pump out code but maintaining it in the long run can be a challenge. Many projects undergo rewrites at some point in their life cycle. Our client is experiencing that in our early alpha stages mainly because we have plans to expand our development team. Having clean, maintainable code is very important and we want our brand to be reflected internally in our software as well as externally.

L3gacy has been hard at work on graphical art for the gaming client, and I am hoping our next post can show some of it off. If you are interested in any technical aspects of our blogs please feel free to comment/post and I will be happy to explain. Thanks!
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