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The Hive - Development - New ScreenShot - Pager

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Going forward, We decided we wanted to keep the community a little more updated then we have in the past on the progress of our gaming client.

So here's what we've come up with. A Hive Development Blog. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just raw development information. Keep in mind were not going to spill all the beans, but we'll keep you updated on most of the things we're working on with the client. As of now most of the coding time is currently gone to optimizing server resources and working on the way our system communicates internally.

What Tron has done with load balancing.. is simply amazing. Which I'll let Tron cover all that when he is ready. The second thing we're focusing on is completely going through the pager from start to finish. Adding all the cool features that went along with it. We've also worked up a new design that not only brings in the new but also touches on that familiar note. That's if you was fortunate enough to have been on Mplayer.

What that I give you the new open pager window. The long bar to your left will be all the open chats you have going on at one time. You just simply click on the user's name and begin typing. The middle window will be your main chatting area in the pager. To your right. This is the info of the gamer your in communication with.

Sorry for the light Hive Logo's.. But unfortunately people steal things..
Hope you like it. As always please leave feedback.