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Our Event System and its Features

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Here's a brief description of all the features are event system currently has implemented. We hope this will give you a better understanding of some of our features

Ladder Description:
Users or teams can join ladders and challenge other players or teams in the ladder. Elo rating system is used which calculates the difficultly of a match according to the players' ranks and this is taken into account when the ranks are updated after the match is finished.

Feature List:

  • Tournament Features

    • Hall of Fame (Top 10 Tournament Players)
    • 3 Tournament Modes: Last Man Standing, Single Elimination, Double Elimination and Round Robin
    • Filter Tournaments Displayed according to Tournament Status
    • Tournament User Stats Page
    • 'Start Tournament' for Single Elimination adds bye players and creates brackets

  • Tournament options
    • Turn on/off tournament
    • Create Thread on Tournament Creation
    • Require check-in before tournaments
    • Tournament Stats in Member Profile
    • Tournament Stats in Postbit (Can be turned on/off )
    • Comments per page
    • Tournament description length shown in tournament List

  • Tournament Display
    • LMS realtime ranking shows if players are equal positions
    • Tournament View Counter
    • Tournament creator and last edited by notes at bottom of tournament

  • Tournament Moderators can...
    • Add/edit tournament
    • Edit tournament type if not started yet
    • Add Score type (points, wins, kills, deaths, etc.) for LMS tournaments
    • Tournament mods can remove players if tournament hasn't started
    • Increase/ Decrease Tournament Slots
    • Pm all competitors with custom message and title (permissions set to bypass max pm recipients restrictions)
    • Swap players in LMS mode

  • Competitors can...
    • Players can remove themselves if tournament hasn't started
    • Users can PM themselves the details of the tournament
    • Sign up to tournament only once

  • Tournament Comments
    • Comment Display with user avatars and last edited by note
    • User able to edit/delete their own comment (subject to permissions)
    • Tournament moderators can edit all comments
    • If applicable under username on comments Tournament Creator, Tournament Competitor or Tournament Winner
    • Comment paging

  • Teams
    • Users can apply to teams
    • Leader can accept/ decline users
    • Team profile shows team stats
    • Team list
    • Can limit teams created by user (in usergroup options)
    • Fields: team website, gamertag, logo, description, slog, tags

  • Team leader can...
    • delete players from his/her team
    • Promote players in his/her team to Leader or Co-Leader
    • Join tournaments
    • Search Free Agents for new team members

  • Ladder Features
    • Elo rating system (Elo rating system)
    • Players last activity (date)
    • Winning/ Losing Streak
    • Longest Winning Streak
    • Report/ dispute challenges
    • Match Finder

  • Ladder Display
    • leader-board for each ladder
    • last 10 upcoming/ past matches per ladder
    • separate page for accepting/rejecting challenges and submitting score (have to be accepted by other user)

Pro Features - Open for beta testing

    • Pay to play/ credits system
      • Opportunity to earn money for your forum
      • Uses PayPal for payments

    • Support Tickets
    • Leagues into Knockout Stage
    • Live Match Finder

Please let us know if you have any questions concerning our system