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      • HIVE GAMER Client - Inspired by Mplayer

        [The Hive] The Hive Gamer Gaming Client, Inspired by Mplayer.

        Our software will not only rekindle that old memorable feeling. It will also lead its own path in the 21st-century. Not familiar with Mplayer? by 1998, was a free online PC Gaming service and community that operated from late 1996 until early 2001. It was literally the greatest PC gaming times to date.

        Alpha Test Signup Image

        There's been so many companies that dropped the ball, We feel that the PC gamer is left with wanting more. Something that will captivate them many years. Let's face it with the way they pump out games nowadays gamers have what I like to call GADD "Gaming Attention Deficit Disorder" We all have it -_- We believe the glue lies within the community and with every community need to have that one unique niche that separates you from all the rest. We believe we have just that something.

        Preview 2 coming soon!

      • Staff Positions Needed

        Would you like to volunteer? We are always looking for good people. Be apart of the development. Help make history with us.

        • Net c# developer - Skill Level - Mid to High-Level +
        • (Flash developer) - Skill Level - Mid-Level +
        • (Media developer) - Skill Level - Mid-Level +
        • (Graphic artists) (Photoshop) - Banners/Images/Art etc.. Mid-Level +

        Wizards - Age requirement is 16+ Individuals will need good social skills and very goal oriented. Comfortable with running events with or without other staff members.

        Sages - We are looking for people with tech knowledge that likes to help and work with people. and will assist new users with the ins and outs of our software client "The Hive" when it becomes publicly available.