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  1. The Coming of Our Social Gaming Client - The Hive

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    "The Hive client 2.0 sneak peek!!" and Bonus Wallpaper - 1920x1080
    Sorry it's been so long since our last post. Hopefully it was worth the wait. The Announcing of preview 2.0 - The preview a lot of old Mplayer fans have been waiting for. We'll answer a lot of questions we've been asked. As well have leaving you asking for more we're sure. We've been hard at work trying to get everything up and running for the big preview ...

    Updated 09-16-2014 at 08:14 PM by L3gacy

    The Hive - Developers Blog
  2. Hive Alpha - Updates


    Our goal is to provide continuous updates on our progress with our gaming client through this developer's blog. L3gacy and I have been working diligently on upgrading our existing foundation with new features and better performance. Our target lately has been the lobby and room system inside of our client. With our pager system upgraded and being tested we are applying what we have learned elsewhere.

    The user base we plan to support is rather ambitious for such ...
  3. Hive Pager - Updates


    I just wanted to provide an update on our pager system. Recently L3gacy and I have been working on polishing the pager system off for our upcoming internal testing. Most of the polishing has involved improving the user interface and adding some better graphics. I attached a sample of the pager channel window below, but please note the scroll bars aren't final. We are still determining the correct size for everything, and collecting feedback on what looks and feels comfortable ...
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  5. The Hive Development - Pager and Network Updates

    Hi everyone,

    For those who don't know me I am currently The Hive's lead developer and solutions architect. I want to thank L3gacy for making his blog post outlining the new layout we are considering for our pager system.

    Here at Hive Gamer we have been taking time to work on optimizing our foundation. Although we've been in development for a while now we know that our software will ...
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