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  1. The Coming of Our Social Gaming Client - The Hive

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    "The Hive client 2.0 sneak peek!!" and Bonus Wallpaper - 1920x1080
    Sorry it's been so long since our last post. Hopefully it was worth the wait. The Announcing of preview 2.0 - The preview a lot of old Mplayer fans have been waiting for. We'll answer a lot of questions we've been asked. As well have leaving you asking for more we're sure. We've been hard at work trying to get everything up and running for the big preview ...

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    The Hive - Developers Blog
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  3. The Hive - Development - New ScreenShot - Pager

    Going forward, We decided we wanted to keep the community a little more updated then we have in the past on the progress of our gaming client.

    So here's what we've come up with. A Hive Development Blog. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just raw development information. Keep in mind were not going to spill all the beans, but we'll keep you updated on most of the things we're working on with the client. As of now most of the coding time is currently gone to optimizing server resources and ...
  4. Our Event System and its Features

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    Here's a brief description of all the features are event system currently has implemented. We hope this will give you a better understanding of some of our features

    Ladder Description:
    Users or teams can join ladders and challenge other players or teams in the ladder. Elo rating system is used which calculates the difficultly of a match according to the players' ranks and this is taken into account when the ranks are updated after the match is finished.
  5. Be apart of the development.. Help make history with us

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    "The Hive" is 100% owned and developed by The Hive Network using a .Net framework.
    "In Development" For the past 4 years (THN) "The Hive Network" Has been developing it's own Mplayer like social & gaming client. In remembrance of the old Mplayer. Code Name "The Hive" will set its own path and destiny for the 21st-century bringing not only familiarity but also innovative design and much more. While we've had a few bumps along the road. We've all