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02-11-2014, 02:07 PM
New Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Patch 2

Written by: Lucas Annunziata (http://www.tornbanner.com/blog/author/lucas-annunziata/)

Medals added,victory defeat screen updated, team points updated on the post game scoreboard
Players can now use achieved titles in-game
Added reshuffle option during end of match Map votes
Also updated default game to include more maps for the map rotation and map voting
SDK support (mods and maps)
Moor and Frigid from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare are now available for all gamemodes except duel.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug with first letter of chat on post game screen sticking sometimes
Fixed timing for double axe animation weapons, 2nd slash recover time matches the 1st slash attack recovery
Fixed team damage stat for FFA/Duels.
News ticker update – no more text stretching
Fixed picking up throwables that hit corpses.
Vote options are disabled for 2 seconds after a match to prevent accidental voting
Fixed missing heads on death for some characters
Fixed helmets and other attachments on death
Fixed projectile stickies attached to head
Fixed rare instance of preview character dying
Fixed de-ranking when losing XP
You may now abstain from map voting by hitting ESC
Killing an enemy you’ve thrown a smoke pot at allows you to recover the pot ammo(Ninja)
Ninja interrupted when throwing a shuriken will no longer switch to fists
Fixed rare t-pose occurrence
Ping limits on servers now properly work and kick players with ping that is over a configurable threshold
Fixed: profile screen has a text field with the text “textfield” if you haven’t clicked anything
Fixed being able to survive the pit in Acropolis.
Fixed double point awards at end of game
Fixed blue rocks in frigid
Voting works with SDK maps, Frigid, and Moor
StartGameManual works for SDK users
Fixed issue where a weapon name would appear as “textfield” (introduced in Beta 1)
Toned down moon in Moor, gave Moor colour grading and proper character brightness

Server Browser

The Server Browser has undergone changes and improvements to better present User Generated Content (mods and custom maps)

Mod name column is sortable
Coloured background behind servers with custom maps or mods — gold for maps, cyan for mods
Move both min and max ranks into a “rank” column
Use the now-vacant Min Rank column for “Mod”; allows sorting by custom content (“Mod”, “Map”, or “None”)
Max rank of “0″ now shows as the infinity symbol (since that’s functionally what it is)


Change time played to hours from minutes
Fixed the minimum respawn time in FFA.
Duel: both players have to accept a rematch.
Added new bDisableAutoBalance flag, default to false.
poleaxe animation updated
Toggle shield consistent between weapons.
ESC now skips the vote options
Update stats on logout, minimize the amount of stats writing to lower Steam thread burn on CPU
Client rank-up notification now occurs server-side.
Visual notification of rank ups
Visual notification for victory / defeat
Added score to HTB(Hold the Banner) for banner carrier
Added scoring for PTB
Ammo counter display has been improved
Removed team damage penalty in LTS (Last team Standing) mode
Parrybox improvements


Reduce sound memory used based on user’s available system memory. If you’re a 32-bit user who was having an issue with the game crashing before, try again and see what happens now.

This is the new “MaxSoundNodeRandomChildren” in CDWSystemSettings.ini. This represents the number of different, randomly-selected sounds you’ll hear for the same effect (e.g. for VO, hits, etc.). The highest we set it to is 18, the lowest 2.


Fixed Training messages for Dodge and Feint to include the alternative one button dodge (v) and RMB feint
Fixed missing textures in Training

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